Silikal MMA Floor Coating: Expect more from your floor.

Silikal has been developing and manufacturing resins for floor coatings based on MMA, Epoxy and Polyurethane for decades. Silikal has the right answer for your flooring problems!


With Silikal floor coating you achieve a monolithic, seamless surface that is low maintenance, as dirt can be easily removed from the floor and won’t be caught in cracks.


Depending on the application temperature,
MMA hardens and can take traffic in a rapid manner. In one hour the systems are fully cured and ready for traffic. No interruptions in business when renovations are made.


Safety is a very important topic for Silikal.
This is why there can be add various anti- skid grades to Silikal floor coating and they are wear and tear resistant.

Facts about Silikal MMA Floor Coatings

  • Low Temperatures

    Usage even at temperatures as low as -10 oC (special grade -25 oC)

  • Strong

    Can easily withstand heavy loads and is wear and tear resistant

  • Aesthetic

    Thanks to the great colour selection, you can design your individual floor with coloured quartz sand or flakes.

  • Chemical Resistant

    Resistant to alkalis, acids, greases, oils, salts and other aggressive media


Specification Text

The information in our specifications is based on our experience and the best of our knowledge. No liability/warranty by Silikal is associated with the model service specifications. The specifications or individual positions are merely suggestions and do not replace the planning responsibility of architects and structural engineers and may need to be reviewed and adjusted by a knowledgeable planner. Testing and preparation of the substrate according to the data sheets and the technical documentation are the responsibility of the application company.

Any necessary adaptation of the specification to terms of use is the responsibility of the planner or the application company. The described work sequences cannot be applied to every individual construction project.

The degree of skid resistance shall be determined by designer and agreed with the responsible authorities.

Relevant expertise is essential for the processing of methacrylate resins. Minimum requirement is participation in Silikal training.