Worldwide shortage of raw materials in construction chemical industry

The world market for raw materials in the chemical and construction industry is currently in a precarious situation.

A variety of causes are causing an enormous shortage of raw materials. For example, disruptions in supply chains are restricting the movement of goods, e.g. due to problems in the transport sector, overcrowded ports and difficult availability of sea containers. Major chemical companies producing raw materials have declared inability to deliver under force majeure, which in turn reduces availability for downstream producers. Additional factors were the onset of winter in Texas, as a result of which the chemical industry there collapsed, and the congestion in the Suez Canal. The economic upswing and increased demand in China are also exacerbating the shortage of raw materials. Changes in consumer behaviour also have an influence, according to the German as well as the Scandinavian Road Marking Society. According to them, the decline in travel in the Corona pandemic is having an impact on crude oil production and thus on refined products.
Hubert Weimann, Silikal’s managing director, says: “We, too, are feeling the strong shortage and the price increases in almost all areas – from simple wooden pallets to cardboard packaging and raw materials for our production. The raw material group of acrylate monomers is particularly hard hit.” Silikal is doing everything it can to ensure the usual customer service and asks its customers for their understanding. “It can be helpful to order in good time. Also, for some orders, we can switch to products that can be used in the same way and have the same properties,” says Hubert Weimann.
European experts agree that an end to the worldwide shortage of raw materials is not yet in sight and that the tense situation will not improve in the short term.