Welcome to the online exchange

We would be happy to provide you with up-to-date information about the Silikal product range of our reactive resins and polymer concrete, their use, references and other user-relevant content.

And not only with our classic customer service and here on our Silikal website, but also on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Xing. Are you already following us?

You can find us under these links:
www.instagram.com @silikal_germany
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These online presences are managed by Cindy Podlipny, Export Sales, and Evelyn Welzenbach, Digital Marketing Manager. “With communication in the social networks, we inform our clients and interested parties and get into conversation – for example, about the performance of our products as floors, mortars, road markings and sealants and about the practical concerns of their installation and handling. We also report on new projects and applications,” says Cindy Podlipny. We look forward to the exchange with you.