We train – now also coating technician

This year for the first time a trainee is learning to become a coating technician.

With this new trainee position we are active as a training company in a further professional field. In addition to the apprentice as a coating technician, we are also training two apprentices as industrial clerks and two as warehouse logistics specialists, as well as a student in the dual study programme for a Bachelor of Arts/Business Administration.
“The main purpose of the training of coating technicians is to get to know different coating materials and systems. The aim is to develop and produce these materials, to test, document and evaluate the quality of coatings and paints. So these are the areas of expertise we deal with every day here at Silikal,” says Angela Lamberty, who is a coating technician and coating engineer, together with her colleagues from research and development and from application technology, is looking after the new trainee coating technician. Her name is Pandusiwi Alif Ardaneswari and she began her training in summer – the first in our company with this career goal.