Sub-zero temperatures? Never mind!

We offer special products for floor coatings and for floor repairs at sub-zero temperatures.

Such preset products for temperatures below 0 °C are Silikal mortar R 17 (-25 °C) and Silikal resin R 51 (-25 °C). The add-on “-25 °C” indicates suitability down to this temperature. Silikal mortar R 17 (-25 °C) is a solvent-free, two-component methacrylate mortar that is characterised by high compressive and flexural strength. It is suitable as a concrete coating and as a repair mortar, e.g. for use on ramps and traffic areas and for deep-freeze houses – despite sub-zero temperatures. Also marked with “-25 °C” in its name is the -25 °C variant of Silikal Resin R 51. The transparent, solvent-free two-component methylacrylate resin Silikal Resin R 51 (-25 °C) acts as an adhesive primer on concrete and cementitious substrates and has good penetration properties.
A product that can be added to selected Silikal resins, enabling them to be processed at temperatures down to -25 °C, is Silikal Additive ZA. Please contact us to find out which resin types it can be used for.
As a floor coating for minus temperatures that is in demand all year round, namely in freezers and cold rooms, we have Silikal System D: Cold Room in our portfolio. This fast-curing, decorative and flexible methyl methacrylate coating can withstand high mechanical loads, can – if desired – be equipped with slip resistance and, like all Silikal MMA floors, convinces with a hygienic, seamless and easy-to-clean surface.