Slip resistance tested and confirmed

Against slipping on wet or contaminated floors: On our Silikal floor coatings, the surface structures can be adjusted exactly as specified by the statutory occupational health and safety regulations.

This has now been confirmed once again by the current test certificates of the IFA (Institute for Occupational Safety of the DGUV, the German Social Accident Insurance). Dirk Brück, head of our technical customer service, says: “We have our Silikal flooring systems tested and certified in DGUV combined tests. This is because the legal requirements combine the values for slip resistance and for displacement volume. For example, R 11 and V 4 apply to catering kitchens with up to 100 covers per day, and R 12 and V 4 to commercial kitchens in communal catering.” The tests for applications in wet barefoot areas are an exception – with separate labelling as assessment groups A to C, without displacement volume. We also offer certified floor coatings with current DGUV test certificates for these areas.
The Silikal data sheets and installation instructions contain the safety specifications of the R and V groups to be achieved for the respective flooring system. The specialist installation companies thus have practical and detailed instructions at their fingertips. It informs, for example, which type and quantity of Silikal filler or Silikal colour flakes should be used.