Road construction made easy

Our two-component Silikal R 90 adhesive enables the durable and reliable bonding of elements such as road markers, floor marking plates and kerbstones to roads and public spaces.

The Silikal R 90 adhesive is a solvent-free, fast-curing cold plastic adhesive based on a flexible methacrylic resin. It has been used successfully for several years now. Last year the formulation was adapted to current circumstances, resulting in an up-to-date adhesive variant for demanding applications.
One special quality of the adhesive is its flexibility. This provides an important benefit: The forces arising naturally in the surrounding material due to temperature fluctuations don’t affect the adhesive. Handling of the product is another plus: The specified amount of adhesive is simply mixed with the corresponding amount of hardener powder. The finished adhesive is then applied rapidly because the pot life is 10 to 15 minutes (at an ambient temperature of 20 °C). The curing time is about one hour.
The adhesive can be applied directly onto bituminous road surfaces or well-compacted concrete. For applications on strongly absorbing concrete, we recommend using a methyl methacrylate primer, such as Silikal R 51 or RU 380 resin. On top of cementitious substrates an appropriate curing and adhesion test has to performed beforehand.