The animals dictate the rhythm: restoration of feeding tables

When restoring worn out and unhygienic feeding tables for cattle, the work should be carried out in between the animals’ feeding times so that their daily routine is not disrupted.

Our Silikal MMA systems are able to adhere to this narrow time frame. The new floor of the feeding table is cured and fully resilient after just a few hours.Markus Gruner, application technician and area representative at Silikal, commented on his experiences with feeding table restoration: “Over the last two and a half years alone, we have been involved in the restoration of around 20,000 metres of feeding tables.” By the way,Silikal’s MMA floors are equally well-suited for milking stalls, milking parlours and farm shops: The floors are built to easily cope with pressure from the cows’ hoofs and heavy machinery as well as contact with acetic-based cleaning agents and fat from the milk. Anti-slip surfaces can also be created.