Further north than the Arctic Circle

Ny-Ålesund is one of the northernmost settlements on our planet and, at the same time, the location for the most northerly permanently inhabited research station in the world.

It is located on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen in the Arctic Ocean and is regarded as a “Global Village”: the inhabitants come from all corners of the world who together carry out research in the Arctic and monitor the environment.
Our client Silikal Nord-Norge was hired by “Kings Bay”, the utility company of this northern settlement, to lay 600 square metres of MMA flooring – in working halls, utility rooms and storage areas. Our MMA resins can be installed even at very low temperatures and were therefore more than a match for this challenge. The colleagues have done a great job – all the more impressive when you know that the annual average temperature in Ny-Ålesund is -6 °C and that even in July, the region’s warmest month, temperatures are still only around 5 °C on average.