New two-component mortar for asphalt and concrete

For repairs and material transitions in road construction we now have a new reactive resin mortar.

Silikal R 15 mortar is a new, flexible, solvent-free two-component methacrylic resin mortar which can be applied practically and quickly and which hardens within one hour. The new mortar scores points with its low shrinkage and good flow properties. The material is so flexible that it withstands the typical stresses in road traffic. The mechanical stress from vehicles and temperature fluctuations don’t affect it at all.
Processing of the Silikal R 15 mortar on the construction site is as practical as ever. The reactive resin mortar, comprising its two components of powder and hardener, is mixed manually or using suitable mixing devices. The finished mortar is spread easily by means of a doctor blade. The work can be done at temperatures between 0 °C and +35 °C. A primer is not necessary when working on asphalt. For concrete surfaces we recommend the primer Silikal RU 380.