New system data sheets for reactive resin floors

Our system data sheets have been revised and redesigned.

With 14 new system data sheets available, the number of information documents on reactive resin floors has more than tripled.This is because we further divided up the product groups in accordance with their areas of application. Cindy Podlipny, Sales Export, who supervised the changeover and redesign, commented: “We want to provide the customer with information material that is detailed yet easy to comprehend and above all matches the customer’s desired area of application. This was the reason for a further subdivision of the floor coatings. We have extended the original classification of the product groups into A, B, C, D and AgBB and adapted it to be more specific to the application.” System C, for example, has been divided into two subgroups, namely System C: Unicolour and System C: Flakes. System D has been divided into System D: Cold Room and System D: Outdoor.
The new system data sheets contain – as before – all important data and information, but now with more detail and improved clarity.
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