New resin for floor coatings without top coat

New and practical: We have added a resin variant to our product range.

It is called Silikal R 62 H and is a resin that, when used as a moderately stressed floor coating, can also be used without a top coat layer. The medium-viscosity methacrylate resin is particularly suitable for uni-colour, self-levelling floor coatings for interior use. Due to the new formulation, the new resin has a significantly harder surface. This means that it does not need to be sealed when the floor is subjected to normal wear – saving a work step and time during installation.
Like all Silikal resins, Silikal R 62 H is characterised by its fast curing and the usual ease of application: After priming and a possible scratch layer, the main coat of the floor coating is laid. For this purpose, Silikal R 62 H is mixed with Silikal filler SV, Silikal pigment and the hardener powder (Silikal BPO) and applied directly. The excellent self levelling properties ensure that the resin can be spread evenly and quickly. Even thicker layers are possible. The resin can be laid safely and tack-free in the temperature range from 0 °C to +30 °C. The new product is available in the variants Silikal R 62 H, RF 6200 H and RF 6200 H Base.