New Rapid System for Cycle Path Marking

Travelling by bicycle is becoming ever more important in Germany.

Safe and attractive cycle paths have an important role to play here. To help meet these demands, we have developed a new system for marking out cycle paths. Our “Silikal RM Area Roll Pigmented” (RM stands for Road Marking) is a cold-plastic marking system which allows even inexperienced users to apply the necessary markings quickly and easily using a roller. The new product hardens within one hour, meaning that the traffic areas do not have to be blocked for too long. The practical, paste-like consistency of the marking system not only has benefits for the user thanks to its easy handling. The incorporated grains and the viscosity have been specially chosen to give the finished cycle path a good “grip” – ensuring that cyclists stay safe even when the surface is moist or wet. And the attractiveness of the finished article is what one has come to expect from Silikal products: The system comes in “traffic red” colour. Other colours can be provided on request.