New laboratory facilities

The laboratory team and the application technology team have been working from our new laboratory facilities since August.

The new facilities cover an area of approx. 350 m2 comprising main laboratory, measuring laboratory, technology centre, chemicals room, warehouse, climatic chamber and three offices. Equipment used in the previous laboratory was moved to the new facilities. New furniture, devices and other facilities, e.g. a 25 m2 climatic chamber, were added. Sample surfaces can be coated here at preset temperatures ranging from -5 °C to +35 °C. The new laboratory also features a modern air conditioning system with energy recovery and eight-fold fresh air exchange, as well as four vents – in short: a state-of-the-art working environment for our six employees and one trainee.
The first Silikal laboratory was located in our main building from 1973. In those days the laboratory department consisted of just two employees. The laboratory has been continually expanded with the growth of Silikal. Eventually, three laboratory rooms and two offices were part of the facility, but they were not connected to each other. We were in a position to buy a neighbouring building a few years back. The work on the laboratory extension started approximately one year ago. Dr. Peter Loh, Head of Research & Development, planned and supervised the extension together with his team. Eagerly anticipating their new facilities, everyone pitched in during the move, and despite corona measures, it was possible to move into the new laboratory in August 2020.