New ingredient in Silikal® hardener powder

From March 2021 we will exclusively deliver DCHP (dicyclohexyl phthalate)-free Silikal hardening powder.

The new Silikal hardening powder will contain 50% di-benzoyl peroxide and 50% phlegmatising agent as usual, but will then be without DCHP. Extensive tests have confirmed that the new formulation does not change the hardening effect: The reactivity of the initiated resins and the properties of the coatings remain as usual. The requirements for proper storage, especially not above 25 °C, also remain the same.
Attentive customers will only notice a difference in the labelling on the packaging of Silikal hardening powder. The symbol for the possible health hazard posed by the hardener will then be omitted. By abandoning DCHP, we are further fulfilling our imperative to reduce hazards for applicators and the environment. We are pleased to make an active contribution to environmental friendliness.