Long experience, short distances

We are specialists in our field. Reaction resins for the protection of floorings, buildings and markings are our daily routines.

“And we are a small, but excellent company”, says Hubert Weimann; “we produce with advanced technology and only here at our site in Mainhausen, but deliver into over 60 countries worldwide.” How our customers benefit from this? Our size is one of our strengths, because as an independent company, we offer services as rapidly as our MMA-based reaction resins cure, and as individually as your new, special reaction resin floor could look. For us, “made in Germany” is a synonym for reliability. We are also available for our customers; our hotline responds personally 24 hours a day. And “made in Germany” also means that we can deliver our products quickly. At present, our well-conceived Covid-19 safety concept governs the relevant aspects in production and in our offices. We hence ensure that our customers get the same good service they are used to as before the pandemic. Our customers already know that they can “expect more from their floor” in the end.
We will be happy to convince you, too!