January Anniversary

Doris Keil laughs as she thinks back: “One quarter of a century!”

She came to us in January 1993 and has stayed loyal to us all this time. Congratulations on this marvellous anniversary! We are very pleased for Doris and about what she has to say: “It feels like only around 12 years, rather than 25. The most important thing for me is that I still put my heart and soul into my work and take great pleasure in selling our products because I have complete faith in them. And that I enjoy working here, both with our customers as well as my colleagues.”
Doris Keil started her career as a “jack-of-all-trades”, as she puts it. She remembers: “We used to write out the orders on a typewriter”. Today she is our head of sales for Germany and has power of procuration. “A lot has changed for the better. And I like the fact that we are continuously developing and moving forward. We’re an innovative company and that’s why we are always on the move and looking to progress.” Thanks for the kind words, Doris, and carry on the good work!