Good freight, have a good trip!

The transport of some Silikal products is subject to statutory dangerous goods regulations, regulated in the ADR (abbreviation for “Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route”, the “European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road”).

Anyone who collects goods from us in Mainhausen that are classified as dangerous goods must know and comply with the ADR specifications. (Some of our Silikal products are assigned to dangerous goods classes: Class 3 flammable liquids, 5 flammable substances, 8 corrosive substances or 9 miscellaneous dangerous substances). Before you load goods with us, we take care of the product labelling and the transport documents. We also check incoming vehicles to see if they meet the requirements for transporting dangerous goods: the driver’s qualifications, the equipment and the securing facilities. The so-called ADR points decide on the specific requirements of the transport. ADR points result from a formula according to the specification and quantity of the products ordered. We calculate these points for you.

For transports under 1000 ADR points the following applies:
-Driver has been instructed in ADR
-Equipment: 2-kg ABC fire extinguisher

For transports of 1000 ADR points or more the following applies:
-Driver has current ADR certificate (training certificate on the suitability to transport dangerous goods).
-Equipment: safety goggles, gloves, eye rinsing liquid, hand lamp, wheel chock(s), self-standing warning signs, warning waistcoat(s), two fire extinguishers, also (depending on the dangerous goods) emergency escape mask, shovel, channel cover, collection container
-Vehicle identification: orange warning plates for front and rear; when transporting explosive substances: placards.
Loading also means securing the load – this always applies. We pay attention to this and are obliged to load all dangerous goods safely or to check the loading, labelling and equipment in your vehicle.
And then it’s time to have a safe journey!

(Our news gives an overview and does not replace the complete ADR wording).