For increased road safety

On 28th November 2019, the “Hofmann-Expo” took place in Rellingen – the annual global highlight for everyone from the world of road marking.

As in previous years, we were pleased to take part in this event once again. Sören Hoerner, head of export sales, and Siegfried Hari, technical customer support, were on site to present our road marking products.
A great number of clients, some of them from overseas, seized this opportunity to experience Hofmann road marking technology, state-of-the-art machinery and an exquisite selection of applications at first hand, as well as to hear specialist presentations and exchange views with their peers. At our Silikal stand and in many conversations, the focus was on our road marking resins, which represent the proven basis for the formulation of cold plastic road markings. Sören Hoerner was delighted with how the day went: “This was even better than last year’s Hofmann day – and we were already very pleased with it in 2018. This expo is a really good meeting point for all road marking experts and it was a complete success to have been there once again.”