Food inspectors recommend Silikal flooring systems

Our reactive resin flooring systems once again bear the seal “Recommended by the Federal Association of Food Inspectors in Germany e. V. (BVLK)”.

The association thus expressly endorses the use of Silikal reactive resin flooring systems in the food industry. The certificate is awarded for one year at a time. The new certificate, which we received in mid-April, confirms for the fourth year in a row that our flooring systems are excellently suited for applications in the food industry, the food trade, gastronomy and all other areas where food is handled. The food inspectors’ recommendation is based primarily on properties such as hygiene and cleanliness – thanks to the closed, jointless surface and the good resistance to a wide range of acids, alkalis, fats, oils and salts. The inspectors also emphasise the safety provided by the non-slip surfaces.
Doris Schneider, Authorised Signatory and Head of Internal Sales, says: “We are pleased about this renewed recommendation. The seal of the Federal Association of Food Inspectors of Germany gives our customers additional security, because together with other proofs, e.g. the suitability for use in food establishments according to HACCP and the ISEGA proof for physiological harmlessness, this recommendation of the food inspectors underlines the advantages of the reactive resin flooring systems for the food industry.”