Fast concrete repairs and heavy loads

Silikal’s all-rounder for concrete work, rapid repairs and as a bearing grout is Silikal R 17, a two-component mortar based on methyl methacrylate (MMA).

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, e.g. for the renovation of joints, floor surfaces, loading ramps and as a grouting mortar for machine foundations. Silikal R 17 can also be used in freezer rooms, where the product variant Silikal R 17 (-25 °C), which cures at temperatures down to -25 °C, is processed. Silikal R 17 is also used in road construction and on traffic areas, e.g. for bridge caps, supporting beams and the renovation of stairs and edges. Drainage channels can be installed quickly and durably with Silikal R 17. The reactive resin mortar is also suitable for curbs and for post foundations. Silikal R 17 is ideal for use at airports and on railroad tracks, where renovation work must be carried out without disrupting traffic. The reactive resin mortar is also ideally suited for rail bearings, as well as for the special field of bridge bearings.
It owes this wide range of applications to its special properties: Silikal reactive resin mortar cures quickly. It can be fully loaded after just one hour. Handling is simple, as only two components are required. It can be processed at temperatures as low as -25 °C, depending on the product variant. Another characteristic of Silikal R 17 reactive resin mortar is its high compressive strength of approx. 75 N/mm2. It is also liquid-tight, weather-resistant and low-shrinkage.
In addition to the classic Silikal R 17, product variants extend the range of applications: Silikal R 17 fine for work on fine-grained concrete structures, Silikal R 17 (-25 °C) for applications down to -25 °C, and Silikal R 17 thix for laying on slopes and inclines, for modeling and for glueing of concrete parts.