Environmental Product Declarations for Silikal flooring systems

EPDs Environmental Product Declarations have now been issued for our Silikal standard flooring systems.

Henning Simon, Managing Director, says: “We put the issue of sustainability at the forefront of our business development. We have now achieved another goal: with the Environmental Product Declaration EPD, which is now available for our flooring systems, we transparently document all relevant data on the environmental impact during the entire product life cycle. Architects, builders and planners need this information to be able to plan and evaluate the sustainability of buildings. We have thus created the framework conditions for our flooring systems to be installed in BNB- and DGNB-certified buildings.”
The EDPs record the environmental impact of each Silikal MMA (methylmethacrylate) flooring system throughout its entire life cycle. In addition to the technical properties and service life of the floor coatings, for example, the CO2 footprint, the energy and raw material input, the effects on the greenhouse effect, on acidification and on nutrient input are determined and recorded.
The declaration is internationally valid and is based on ISO 14025 and EN 15804. The checks and analyses were carried out by an independent auditor and KiWa Deutschland GmbH. For all Silikal standard flooring systems (Silikal Kitchen System, Silikal System B: Quartz TA, Silikal System B: Quartz SL, Silikal System C: Uni Colour, Silikal System C: Flakes, Silikal System D: Cold Room and Silikal Concrete Look), this declaration is now available.