Awareness for flawless floors

For the 32 guests who participated in our specialist seminar on claims and defect notifications in Mainhausen on 12th November 2019, there were a lot of new insights, knowledge and practical tips to be gained.

Dr. Meinhard Forkert, a specialist lawyer for construction and architecture law, talked about concerns which may be raised, as well as how to deal with defects and act in a legally compliant manner, such as what needs to be documented in writing. The audience listened to Dr. Forkert intently and with interest – he also used practical examples to help clarify many of the issues brought up by the floor applicators.
Peter Körber, appointed and sworn expert for the floor application trade, sharpened the participants’ senses with his presentation, since in regular day-to-day operations full attention is sometimes not given to making the necessary provisions. Do you always make absolutely certain of the surface on which the floor should be applied and which tests might be needed to ensure a pleasing and flawless result? These questions, among others, were used by Peter Körber to raise the awareness of the audience.
We will be happy to send a summary of both presentations to all participants as well as any other interested parties who weren’t able to attend in November. Please request the seminar documents by sending us an email (to or to Ms Keil at