Coloured flakes changed to flakes

Our Silikal coating previously known to customers as System C with coloured flakes broadcast has now been renamed System C: Flakes.

This hard wearing and easy to clean MMA coating for sophisticated flooring is a popular classic. The product enables the rapid installation or restoration of flooring in interior spaces. Floor spaces in retail businesses, restaurants, cafés, hotels, museums, hospitals and schools, for example, can thus be fitted with attractive and customised flooring.
With the currently available 19 colours and their combination with the System C: Flakes, many different options are possible. Silikal employee Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Dirk Brück, from the Technical Customer Service, had this to say: “In practice, a mixture of at least two colours is the minimum. Usually three or even more colours are combined. This means, in total, there is a large selection in terms of the colour scheme and customers are able to give their floor an individual and unmistakable touch.”

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