Silikal R 62 H

Reactive resin with very good self-levelling properties.

Area of application:
– Main coat resin for self-levelling coatings in dry areas
without slope
– Depending on the mechanical, thermal or chemical load,
the coat thickness can vary from 1 – 4 mm

Silikal RU 380

Reactive medium-viscous primer for absorbent and non-absorbent substrates/thin coatings

Areas of Application:
Silikal RU 380 resin is a universal medium-viscosity, solvent-free 2-component methacrylate resin system with good adhesion on concrete, cement screed, asphalt as well as tiles and metals such as untreated steel, stainless steel (V2A), aluminium, galvanized sheet metal and other nonabsorbent substrates.

Silikal Hardening Powder

Dibenzyl peroxide as starter of the hardening mechanism in Silikal reactive resin systems.

Areas of Application:

SILIKAL® Hardening Powder is mixed with Silikal reactive resins and sets off a chain reaction and can therefore be regarded as the initiator for a chemical reaction.

Silikal HK 21

Formulated ready- to- use methacrylic based paste for covings.



SILIKAL® Filler QS 0.7- 1.2mm

Areas of Application:

SILIKAL® HK 21 coving paste for dry and wet areas.

Silikal RE 515

EP self- levelling mortar

Silikal RE 77

EP top coat, clear

Silikal R 72

Medium- viscous and solvent- free methacrylic resin offering high hardness and low yellowing.

Areas of Application:
SILIKAL® R 72 resin is used as colourless, highly wear resistant top coat for decorative smooth coatings on coloured flakes and coloured sand and as a pigmented top coat with enhanced properties.