(Deutsch) Silikal-Böden: der schnelle Belag für die Kfz-Branche

The daily rou­tine in the au­to­mo­tive in­dus­try: tight­en­ing screws, greas­ing, mount­ing, paint­ing, weld­ing. It smells like gaso­line, oils, paints and burned brake lin­ings. It is en­gines, ma­chines and tools that set the tone around here. And all this sim­ply has to be put on a firm foot­ing. Floors with that spe­cial drive about them come from Si­likal.

For au­to­mo­bile man­u­fac­tur­ers, at au­to­mo­bile re­pair shops, in show­rooms and at ac­ces­so­ry man­u­fac­tur­ers, both for new build­ings and for ren­o­va­tions: Si­likal floors on a re­ac­tive resin base are the per­fect so­lu­tion.

Ro­bust and easy-care, they are the ideal floor for car parks and garages as well, but also for ware­hous­es and of­fices. A safe and clean so­lu­tion ev­ery­where you need them. Durable and easy-care. Ag­gres­sive media such as motor oils or fuels, greas­es or lye have no chance to seep into Si­likal re­ac­tive resin floors. Ev­ery­thing can be re­moved from the non-porous sur­face quick­ly and thor­ough­ly. And when the floor meets the wall, it can be made to form a basin to catch liq­uids. Safe and se­cure, right down the line.

Con­stant car and fork­lift traf­fic, falling tools or heavy ma­chin­ery that could scratch the floor? No prob­lem with Si­likal floor­ing. It is re­sis­tant to wear and tear, abra­sion and pres­sures up to 100 N/mm2 and more. And an­ti-skid grades mean safe­ty due to the va­ri­ety of grain ma­te­ri­als spread over­ the sur­face and then sealed into it.

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