Silikal RE 77 resin

Pack­ag­ing Com­po­nent A: 20 kg hob­bock Com­po­nent B: 10 kg buck­et Prod­uct de­scrip­tion Sol­vent-free, high­ly vis­cous glossy 2-com­po­nent EP-based top coat that of­fers bet­ter re­sis­tance to sol­vents. Area of ap­pli­ca­tion Si­likal RE 77 resin is used as a top coat sole­ly on floors into which coloured flakes or coloured sand have been sprin­kled in. It is ap­plied in areas ex­posed to  greater stress­es from sol­vent-type chem­i­cals such as al­co­hols, paint-thin­ners or en­gine clean­ers.

Mix­ing ratioCom­po­nen­t A
Com­po­nen­t B
100 parts by weight
50 parts by weight
Application temperaturemin. +14 °Cmax. +35 °C
Max­i­mum hu­mid­i­ty75 % air hu­mid­i­ty

Data sheet

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