Silikal R 81 resin

Pack­ag­ing 5 kg, 25 kg can­is­ter, 180 kg drum Prod­uct de­scrip­tion Re­ac­tive, sol­vent-free, low-vis­cos­i­ty, vir­tu­al­ly non-yel­low­ing 2-com­po­nent methacrylic resin of­fer­ing good re­sis­tance to water in­ter­ac­tion. Area of ap­pli­ca­tion Si­likal R 81 resin serves pri­mar­i­ly as a slight­ly elas­ti­cized and colour­less top coat on sprin­kled coat­ings in wet areas.

Prop­er­tyMea­sur­ing methodAp­prox. value
Viscos­i­tyDin 53 015120 mPa s
Den­si­ty as de­liv­eredDin 51 7570,98 g/cm³
Ap­pli­ca­tion tem­per­a­ture0 C° to +35 C°
Den­si­ty in the hard­ened stateDin 53 4791,14 g/cm³
Ul­ti­mate elon­ga­tionDin 53 4552,7 %