Silikal R 69 C resin

Pack­ag­ing 5 kg, 25 kg can­is­ter, 180 kg drum Prod­uct de­scrip­tion Medium-viscosity methacrylic resin being used as a decor looring system on top of unicoloured
Silikal self-leveling coatings. In combination with the corresponding iller SILIKAL® Filler CL, SILIKAL® R 69 C resin is applied in thickness of 1 to 1.5 mm. SILIKAL® R 69 C resin is certiied to AgBB assessment scheme.  Area of ap­pli­ca­tion SILIKAL® R 69 C resin is used as a binder in manufacturing decor-loorings. A mixture of SILIKAL® R 69 C resin and SILIKAL® Filler CL is prepared and applied on top of the already prepared, unicoloured self-leveling coating based on SILIKAL® R 63 resin (alternatively SILIKAL® R 62 resin). The recommended base-colour of the looring should match approx. RAL 7023 or RAL 7030.

Viscosity at +20 °CDIN 53 015350 - 500 mPa s
Flow time at +20 °C, 4 mmDIN 53 21158 - 70 sec.
DensityEN ISO 2811-20,98 g/cm³
Pot life at +20 °C (100 g, 2 % pbw. hardening powder)12 - 15 min.
Application temperature+10 C° bis +30 C°
Flash pointDIN 51 755+10 °C