Na, alles im Blick, alles im Griff?

Always knowing what’s going on and at the same time having everything under control is truly not an easy task, but probably your normal day-to-day business.

We can help you out. For example when dealing with reactive resin seamless floors, they have been our specialty for almost 6 decades now.

Make use of our architectural and planning service!

Whether practical or creative flooring, building regulations, official inspections, skid resistance, fire behavior, radon permeability, CE-labeling or whatever… Silikal, looking at the whole picture, offers you everything for modern coating resins with methacrylate (MMA), epoxy or PUR base. Including the complete range of coloured sands, coloured flakes, pigments or photo fabric inlays… everything you need to plan and design durable and visually appealing floors easily and safely.

Complicated? Not with Silikal. With our tender specifications on CD, or on our website, you can directly enter your specifications – naturally compatible with common text programs and GAEB – according to your own wishes or you can contact our experienced employees, they will be happy to assist you in preparing your tender and also help you find the right craftsman establishment to precisely transform your ideas into reality.

Floors have been “our world” for a good 60 years now. We consult, produce and deliver round the clock and to countries all over the world. You‘re actually standing on Silikal more often than you realize.

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