Your call – Si­likal! An overview of the ad­van­tages.

Hy­gien­ic and clean …

  • Mono­lith­ic, seam­less sur­face
  • Re­sis­tant to al­ka­lis, acids, greas­es, oils, salts and other ag­gres­sive media
  • Easy to take care of


  • An­ti-skid sur­face grades
  • Wear and tear re­sis­tant
  • Can with­stand hot and cold

Quick and beau­ti­ful …

  • Ex­treme­ly short cur­ing times!
  • Easy to lay, even at tem­per­a­tures below zero °C
  • Se­lec­tion of ap­peal­ing colours, e. g. with coloured quartz sand or flakes mix­tures as stan­dard

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